Textile adhesives

The World of Bonding – apart from being dynamic and innovative – is above all a highly demanding technology with a huge range of different products.

Besides Intercol’s adhesives will bond it provides various additional func
tional properties to enable our customers toe benefit for the respective application. Our R&D Department has knowledge when it comes to detail when developing the right adhesive formulation for a customer specific application. Man different industrial processes have specific major parameters that require customer desigend adhesive properties: Adhesion spectrum, solids, viscosity, initial strength, tack, open time, processing temperature and PH are some of the characteristics that are often crucial factors for an ideal adhesive.

Intercol’s adhesive range includes:

  • Textile bonding systems: general
  • Finishing processes
  • Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials
  • Raw materials and additives
  • Accessories
  • Laminating and coating materials
  • Material pretreatment
  • Plastics and other hardening masses
  • Building,Clothing, medical applications, sportswear

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