Toy safety directive adhesives 2009/48/EC

As a responsible manufacturer of various adhesives.In the various water based adhesives and hot melts, produced and sold by Intercol, no components are used that are subject to special limitations due to the regulations, directives and restrictions posed by Reach, SVHC lists, toy directives (2009/48/EG and amendments thereof) and so forth.In other words, phthalates, heayy metals, SVHC components and other dangerous substances are not present in our products.Our products can therefore be safely used for the production of (paper and board based) toys.

SUBJECT: Declaration of compliance for European legislation for water-based adhesive
Waterbased adhesives of SML grade and manufactured and distributed by Intercol.
COMPLIANCE WITH EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE EC/1907/2006 (REACH) Intercol B.V. hereby states that we comply with downstream user obligations under REACH (EC/1907/2006) for all our water-based adhesives.
Our adhesives do not contain:
 Dangerous substances as listed in the respective annexes (Annex XIV to the Reach regulation EC/1907/2006 and supplements to it)
 Epoxy derivatives
 Phthalates
 Hydrocarbons from non-white Mineral Oils (MOSH/MOAH)
 Hydrocarbons from Olefins (POSH / PAO)
 Alkylphenol Ethoxylates / Alkylphenols (APEO / AP)
 Substances of very high concern (SVHC), including the list updated on the ECHA website, 2018-01-15
 Harmful, toxic or organic volatile substances (VOC’s)
Intercol has implemented all necessary measures to prevent adverse effects to the environment. In the production and processing of Intercol’s water-based adhesives, no heavy metals or other compounds listed in directive EC/94/62 and directive EC/2011/65 are used.

In other words, phthalates, heayy metals, SVHC components and other dangerous substances are not present in our products.Materials and articles intended for direct or indirect food contact, are subject to the European Regulation 1935/2004 (the so-called framework law). Annex I of this regulation states that, among other materials, adhesives have an exceptional position. Adhesives belong to the groups of materials and objects that can be subject to special measures. However, there are currently no special measures for adhesives. Intercol follows the current guidelines for GMP as stated in the frameworkand 2023/2006/EC. In summary, Intercol hereby declares that its food packaging adhesives are manufacturedaccording to the framework law 1935/2004.The so called PlasticsImplementation Measure (PIM)regulates the use of plastic intended for food contact, as given in 10/2011/EC.The positive list of materials and ingredients in 10/2011/EC, can be applied to packaging adhesives used in plastic-containing packaging materials.As a result, the SML values mentioned in 10/2011/EC, can be applied to adhesive formulationevaluations.Packaging adhesives manufactured by Intercol arebased on EVA or PVAc dispersions who meet thelegal limitof <1000 ppm free vinyl acetatemonomer. The specific migration limit (SML) for vinyl acetate monomer in packaging made with these adhesives is 12mg/kg.These packagingadhesives may be safely used in the packaging of food materials.It is the responsibility of theconvertor to ensure that the finished article is in compliance with food safety regulations.Our water based packaging adhesives of the SML12 range meet the above criteria and therefore, can be safely used for the production of paper and board basedtoys

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